Wasted is a collaborative game which aims to change people’s perception of what food waste is whilst attempting to affect their consumerist and eating habits in relation to this important issue.

The target audience is mainly BA students, as they are at a crucial phase in their lives, moving away from home for most likely the first time and beginning to formulate their own eating and shopping habits. The proposal educates and also enables them to think and act on the problems surrounding food waste through playing in the comfort of their homes. This is achieved by taking people on a journey from visual or physical disgust through to delight.

Nicholas Blundell
Student Liaison
Noémi Zajzon & Marianna Polatoglou
Alenka Banic
Graphic Design
Felipe Palacio
Panagiotis Katseas
Web Developer
Petros Ammasiades
Video Editing


Ekavi is a designer hailing from the cornucopious land of Greece. With a background in scenography, she came to London to experiment with transforming unconventional spaces through storytelling. Thus, she embarked on a big adventure to unveil the secrets of public engagement and social interaction through this magic little word, ‘narrative’. In the end, she found her answers in food as a sensory trigger to encourage people to share and exchange ideas.

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