This is Just Rubbish is a cultural critique born from a desire to re-establish a connection between users and objects. Formed from a mapped collection of site specific images and objects, the project is a reflection on two contemporary urban phenomena: the infatuation with a vintage/analogue aesthetic and rubbish invading public spaces – both symptoms of the contradictions of our economy.

Pinhole cameras are created out of objects considered of no value during participatory site performances, starting in the Brick Lane area of London and spreading beyond. They are then left in situ with instructions for use and a link to the dedicated website. When online, photography lovers, or just curious passers by, can find further information about the project, a map showing the camera locations, the photographs uploaded and all they need to take part in the project.

Daniele D’Orazi
Concept development, copy writing
Marco Bernardi
Grpahic and Web design
Vincenzo Baratta
Davide Serino
Script writing


Elisa graduated from Politecnico di Milano and is interested in the public and social dimensions of spatial design. Her experience in exhibition and experience design helps her to create
narrative environments that engage audiences through participation. She is passionate about graphics, photography and filmmaking and is always looking for the best media to communicate with her audience. She has recently been featured in The Urban Centre and Saatchi Gallery.

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