The Telephone Box provides a playful experience for tourists in Covent Garden by using a traditional British red telephone box to invite public engagement and the sharing of stories.
The project contains two different experiences. With the use of magnetic letters the exterior of the telephone box is transformed into a platform for people to leave messages based on the phrase, ‘London makes me feel…’ At the same time, the telephone itself has been redesigned – losing its primary function but gaining a playing and recording function – so people can either share their experiences of London or listen to local history.

Tactile and audio interactions are a key element to this project. Audiences are able to choose either or a combination of both, according to their own interests, to participate in this urban intervention.

Selin Araci
Product Design & Concept Development
Jean Wong
Photographer & Editor
Lizon Tijus
Ivan Lee
Concept development
Mavis Yang
Peng Cao
Visual artist


Jiamei is an artist and designer who isinterested in using multimedia to tell stories. Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art, she has gained experience in exhibition and visual communication as well as completing an internship with MET Studio Design. She is also interested in visual merchandising and urban interventions. In the future, she aims to continue exploring how art, design, and narrative concepts can enhance visitor experience.

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