The Bean Diaries is a new consumer experience aimed at independent coffee shops and coffee lovers in London that transforms stories extracted from the production chain into the main asset of the retail transaction enabling conversations that lead to the construction of an informed consumer culture.

In addition to changing the order in which the coffee consumption is experienced, The Bean Diaries then focuses on creating an environment – via a custom made pop-up experience or carefully designed conversation kits – where consumers can discuss and debate about the actual panorama of globalization and the consequences of trading in the contemporary world. These meaningful conversations serve as a platform for topics and new questions that can be expanded and explored in an online community that grows with each new conversation recorded and with new shops joining the project.

The Bean Diaries, ultimately, connects producers and consumers using coffee as the start of the conversation.


National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia
Stumptown Coffee
Roasters, USA
Ana Hoyos
Kaori Nishizawa
Sara Angelucci


Felipe is a multifaceted designer / art historian always on the lookout for opportunities to explore the relationships between design, art and society.

He explores the possibilities of using imagination as a tool for social and cultural enrichment in the construction of better societies. Born and raised in Colombia, he has worked for the Ministry of Culture in various national museums, founded a collaboration design studio and taught at university level.

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