A community specific performance at The Mile End Art Pavilion that reveals ways in which objects can take on new values and mediate stories across generations.

By using significant artefacts and memes from the community, the project engages three generations of migrant Bangladeshi families in a reflective process exploring what they treasure the most. Objects defined by the oldest generation are written into a song by a musician from the middle generation. Dancers from the youngest generation perform to this song, bringing the objects alive through movement.

This unfolding narrative shows how objects can personify a generation and mirror the values and imagination of a community in transition.

The Banglish Legacy acts as a tool to help designers approaching a community and proposes a way of documenting artefacts and their significance in a diasporic context.

Mile End Films
Barna Zajzon
Web developer
Soytten Sen School of Performing Arts
Rez Kabir
Actor & storyteller
Ekavi Whitlock-Blundell
Event facilitator
Khalid Hussain
Swadhinata Trust
Aurelia Ionescu
Akram Khan
Elisa Magnini


Following Spatial Design /Art History studies, Noémi aimed to deepen the process of designing spaces with a story to tell. Through her expertise in museums, interior design and community centred projects she focuses on content-narrative- audience relationships to create effective dialogues. Her experimental approach sensitively explores how drawings, objects and movement orchestrate space as a social product. Her experience includes international projects and collaboration with think-tank Arthesia.

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