This project aims to enhance the cafe experience for solo visitors. It is a celebration of the target audience’s skill at being comfortable in their own company and having the determination to seek out these moments when they can recharge by being alone in a crowd. It reinforces the fact that doing something alone doesn’t always mean one is lonely and that this takes courage that demands respect.

The user is provided with a heat reactive tray and thought label to send a message that they belong to a special exclusive club. Afterwards, they have the option to get an illustration of
themselves added to the Famous Loners on the tray.

The aim is to make the solo visitor feel welcome and proud, and to give cafes a unique way to offer something special to this dedicated part of their clientele.

Sara Angelucci
Content development
& writing
Lorena Aldana
Ester Svensson
‘Famous Loners’ illustrat ion
Kristin Väin
Storyboard illustrat ion
& testing
Helena Plado
Stewart Davies


Laura was born in Estonia and holds a degree in Interior Architecture from the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has consequently studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy and worked in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Besides working in architecture, Laura has also gained varied design experience collaborating with a range of companies including a small children’s charity The Ministry of Stories as well as the National Trust.

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