Reminiscence is an exhibition that explores the memories that Iranian migrants in the UK recall from their childhood homes. These memories are housed in a series of peep boxes, which hold multiple stories allowing the viewer to enter into the past worlds of the migrants. The peep boxes will be part of a mobile exhibition that travels, resembling a ‘shahre Farang’ – a wondering cultural storytelling device.

As well as telling these personal stories, the boxes also serve as objects that trigger daydreams and can awaken hidden memories in the viewers.

The content of the project will be of interest to anyone curious about childhood memories, but especially to those from the British Iranian community. By sharing these memories with other Iranian migrants, there is a notion of indirect bonding and understanding between the viewer and the participant, connecting the community together.

Amir Gharagozloui
Graphic Co-coordinator
Mr Niko
Khashayar Sabeti
Graphic Designer
Fatima Zahra Sidi-Ammi
Interior Design
Mitra Roshandel


Elmira is an interior and spatial designer who graduated from London College of Communication in 2010. Her area of interest lies in the cultural influences in environments, and telling stories through spatial practices in order to trigger interaction within a multi-cultured society. She uses this approach in her work in order to replace the curiosity of what is unknown in cultural values into insight and awareness.

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