Addressing the designer’s role as mediator of our future environment, a series of micro-interventions woven into the fabric of Florence, Venice and New Orleans provide commentary on the implications of potential future scenarios.

Through human experience, we know things will change. Just as historical artefacts reveal past cultural tendencies, this project uses tangible artefacts – that have been purposefully designed around future scenarios – to tell stories about the future in our present, local environment.

The project employs personal engagement and is built on the notion that innovation can be cultivated through direct action.
By taking global drivers, applying future narratives within local contexts, and shaping personal experiences through the designing and making of future artefacts; the project presents an alternate approach to addressing the many uncertainties of our future by placing people at the centre of the futurology argument.

Sam J Bond
Ana Maria Borja
Concept design
‘Animal Swarming’
Cristiana Favretto
Concept design
‘Dead Sea’
Mia Frances Kennedy
Diana Kovacheva
Justine Potin
Colin James VanWingen
Concept design
‘Start-up City ‘
Rebecca Wood


Radha grew up in Los Angeles and has a background in architecture. A resident of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and in the five years of recovery following, she had the unique opportunity to take part in the regeneration of the city after the storm. A Designer-Futurist-Wanderer, Radha is captivated by implications of global drivers of change, seeking to translate them into site, project + community specific insights and experiences.

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