Our Neighbour Cooks is an urban intervention celebrating the diversity of cultures in the Chatsworth Road area of London. The event creates a platform for different local groups in the area to gather and share what they think is important for our rapidly changing neighbourhood.

Our Neighbour Cooks, part of the larger Dear Neighbours project, consists of 2 parts. Initially a community recipe collection is compiled and this is followed by a pop-up lunch event.
On the 2nd of June inside Rushmore Sunday Morning Market, each of the participants will contribute a dish, representing their culture, which will be shared on a large table. The recipes of the dishes will be hand stitched onto a memory cloth to become the community’s recipe collection, forming a snapshot documenting the neighbourhood at the current time.

Hamlet Au-Yeung
Grap hic designer
Eva Xie
Christa Davis
Representative of Rushmore Sunday Morning Market
Katie Harris
Founder of NaNa cafe
nana from NaNa cafe


Ho graduated from BA Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design, where she learnt to translate thoughts and emotions into forms. Since then, Ho has worked in different countries, and the experiences have inspired her to reflect on creativity in terms of different cultures and their effects on city development. Progressively, Ho now begins to explore the idea of creativity as a powerful tool to shape the world.

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