The Ministry of Creative Affairs is a fictitious ‘establishment’ – a conceptual platform showcasing fashion and design talent from Estonia. It manifests as a series of events and installations composed of moving image, soundscapes, story-telling and set design.

During the 2013 London Fashion Week, the first of the series introduced four emerging fashion ‘ambassadors’ from Estonia. The Ministry transformed a renowned arts venue into an immersive journey by transforming the designers’ products into a fairy-tale like film-scenario: a world inspired by Nordic nature, mythical animist traditions and the country’s unique aura.

Through the framing narrative of a ministry, the audience enters the magical story-world of the designers and Estonia as a whole. The experience takes the audience from being a distant observer to becoming an ‘insider’ in the story.

Estonian Embassy in London
Estonian Design Centre
MA NE course
Indrek Arula
Mart Männik
Postproduction & sound
SHOW Designers:
Kristian Steinberg
Kristina Viirpalu
Kadri Kruus
Leather bags
Karl Annus
Wooden spectacles


Helen is a London-based creative focusing on art direction – mainly by designing concepts, spaces and experiences in the fashion field. Helen’s explorations into multidisciplinary methods for storytelling have informed her approach to producing unique events, installations and fashion shows. This has resulted in a structured narrative pathway, remaining playful and courageous – culminating in the Estonian Showcase at London Fashion Week 2013, which won the IFS Emerging Talent Award.

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