Memory Garden is a design proposal for a community garden in Bethnal Green Natural Reserve, which aims to blur the boundaries between adulthood and childhood by evoking a sense of play.
The project targets local parents and children, who have taken part in a number of surveys, workshops, and interventions that focused on the behaviour of collecting and contributed to the spatial design.

The project provides an experience that helps parents to remember what it felt like to play as a child, and ultimately impacts on their relationships with their own children through play and mutual understanding. The gap between adulthood and childhood is bridged through a kit that explores the action of collecting – an integral part of the human experience. Where adults collect and treasure objects for memories, children collect and treasure objects for play, and it is a reversal of this experience that the project will explore.

Tai Pera
James Jessiman
Printing Artist
Ekavi-Louise Whitlock-Blundell


Shu Ting is a landscape architect with professional experience in London and Taipei. Her work focuses on creating frameworks and tools for human intervention, just as a notation is a tool for conductors and musicians. Yang is dedicated to observing the behaviour of the user in public space – and implementing design that enhances the awareness for local community with outdoor exhibitions, events and workshops.

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