Edible Stories is a project that brings fairytales to life through an interactive edible experience.

The Edible Stories event is a meal for 5 people composed of 9 courses and lasting 2 hours. The diner discovers, over the course of the evening, that they themselves are a character in the story and therefore the protagonist of their own experience. Thus they become an integral part of both the story and the telling. In order to achieve a concise retelling the stories are broken down into different elements such as smell, colour, sound, light, touch, and edible elements.

The only information that the diners receive before-hand is the time and place, and that they will be living a fairytale, but not which one. Throughout the course of the 2 hour experience, the unfolding of the story becomes clear through the staged interactions between the characters and their food.

David Bradley
Recipe Development
Marion Comte
Identity Design
Fernando Laposse
Product Design
Melissa Woolford
Radha Mistry
Concept Development



Born French South African, Chloe has travelled since the age of two. Bathing in these different cultures has given her a passion for multicultural collaborations. She has a BA in Interior Architecture, but spends most of her time combining ingredients to create something truly spectacular, such as her startup Edible Stories. As a Culinary Storyteller and member of EFS she has truly created a new spin on the dining experience.

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