A set of 5 games placed at Roman archaeological sites in London that engage the visitors in an interactive way with the content on display. Part of the Festival of Archaeology 2013, the project is designed to capture the interest of teenagers aged between 13 and 17, whilst being inclusive for a variety of visitors.

The interventions reveal the hidden historic narratives from the sites using a mystery game structure. London Past Forward uses narrative theory to create engaging communication and to bring the history of the sites to life. Using narrative modes such as character, tone of voice, and perspective it aims to push the boundaries and test narrative theory within an archaeological context.

Julia Cox
Felipe Palacio
Product Design


Lorena graduated from BA Industrial Design, with experience in communication design, including visual strategies and concept development. Her interests are focused on creating interactive and meaningful experiences that engross the users in new, engaging ways. Her work aims to push boundaries and inspire new approaches to design, bringing social change and cultural content into new contexts.


Claire graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Graphic Design. Exhibition graphics, visual identity and book design are her key areas of interest, always with a focus on conceptual thinking. Her work displays a passion for the role played by graphic designers when creating an environment. Claire aims to produce effective and appealing design in response to the context and content of each subject or brief.

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