Impact is an educational art exhibition scheduled for 2014 in Singapore. It is an exhibition about transformation and explores the key events that have defined 6 renowned musicians as visual artists.

Targeted at 20–35 year old Singaporeans, at a time of growing social and cultural change, it aims to spark the public’s interest in visual arts through story-telling and interactive
engagement. Impact is a joint collaboration between Lumen London, K+D Studio and Momenntum Productions.

Lumen London
K+D Studios
Momenntum Productions


Originally trained as a graphic designer at Central Saint Martins, Kevin’s work spans two to three dimensional mediums that lie at the intersection of sculpture, installation, architecture and digital interaction. He is also a proficient programmer constantly exploring the boundaries afforded by new technologies to create immersive experiences. His work has been nominated and won awards that span moving image to installation design and is also a DesignSingapore associate.

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