‘I am Curious’ is a collective of commuters inspired to bring momentary engagement – through unexpected installations of curiosity and humour – to the socially dysfunctional London Underground.

The fast city pace and over stimulus can stifle our intrigue in others. We look for opportunities to disengage with our environment and the people in it as a method of self-preservation. With its well-known codes of behaviour, the Tube provides an ideal opportunity for disconnection. The collective however believes the London Underground has a civic responsibility beyond the pure functionality of a transport system.

‘I am Curious’ endeavours to activate the Tube carriage through user inspired design installations (by the commuter, for the commuter) to highlight the power people have to create new social discourse through their actions within the built environment.

Flavia Camargo D’Amico
Leticia Lozano
Laura Plado
Margherita Poggiali
Lizon Tijus
Rebekah Lock
Social networking
Victor ‘Mr Pete’ Seabra
Mentor & campaign advisor
Chris Freeman
‘Right-Hand-Man’ & financial sponsor
Sue Buchanan
Organisational support & problem-solving technician
Noemi Zajzon
Elmira Ebrahimi


Megan is an interior designer from Australia who is fascinated by human behaviour and the role of the built environment in enriching community wellbeing. As a maker, people watcher, dreamer, traveller with a thirst for new adventures and an inquisitive mind, Megan loves a good dose of creative problem solving, whether it be how to unite people through public design or turning disused materials into a unique pair of earrings.

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