Catscape is an indoor assembly kit for London cats and their owners that allows them to experience realistic outdoor elements in their domestic settings.

The texture and the function of the assembly kit have been generated by making a mould from a tree in Hyde Park. The structure is designed to be easy to reconfigure. It requires no tools, no drill or no hammer to assemble and can be constructed according to how the owner wants to play with their cat. A map is included with the kit to indicate the location of the tree from which the mould was taken. In this way the owner and their cat can take a trip to the park, with their assembly kit, to experience the reality of this natural element and its environment.

Xavier Llarch Font
Spatial designer
Satoru Kusakabe
Product designer


Soo graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011 with a BA in Product Design. Her work concerns the human nature of exploration and venture, which she believes to be an innate trait of all people. She enjoys taking risks and exploring new ways of working. The relationship between human emotions and inanimate objects, and the materiality, tangibility caught up in this exchange are her key design interests.

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