BLAKE [01]

A multimedia exhibition held in the crypt of St Mark’s Church, Kennington, between the 11th and 12th of April 2013. Dedicated to poetry and digital arts lovers, the group show offered the opportunity to walk and experience The Ecchoing Green by William Blake. This sensorial journey was conceived to challenge the boundaries between literature and digital arts, physical and virtual environments. It featured soundscapes, a two-channel video projection and an interactive light installation.

All the artists involved in the realisation of Blake [01] are emerging talents who worked closely with the curator to reinterpret and represent a specific step of the poem. In an enlightened darkness, the unknown became familiar: the day alternated with night, childhood shifted to adulthood, innocence gained experience. Although its doors are now closed, the exhibition can be still visited on line at or through the app blake01, available on iTunes.

Federico Angelini
Sound designer
Filip Bigos
Video artist
David Dewhurst
Interact ion designer & app developer
Flavia D’Amico
Exhibition designer
Kevin Yeo
Graphic & web designer
The Butterfly Wheel
Live Performance


Passionate about music and cinema, Sara graduated in Media, Marketing and Communications and subsequently specialised in tourism and cultural promotion. Since then, she has taken part in several audiovisual workshops and gained experience in communications, events as well as journalism, having contributed to numerous festivals and online editorials. MA NE enhanced her project management skills and as a cross-media storyteller, Sara is looking forward to making compelling ideas happen.

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