An interactive installation on the pavements around Smithfield Market that engages commuting Londoners to change their perception of their city. By drawing on the Bartholomew’s Fair, a five-day journey unfolds a different story a day through public interaction with three viewfinders – each containing three elements that overlap to compose scenes. These elements include illustrations of 17th century characters, framed cityscapes and a mirrored puppet playing the main role.

The main character is a balancing tightrope walker that, representing both Londoners and foreigners, narrates what happened to him once he visits the fair.

Through engagement with distinctive interactive elements – the viewfinders and the puppet – AnOther London encourages commuting Londoners to connect with stories involving imagination, humour, and fantasy. By uncovering its past, the public acknowledge their own city, question their own behaviour and are reminded about all the possible ways of interacting with the capital.

Gabriela Moulin
Maria Fernanda Porto
Concept developer
Margherita Poggiali
Concept developer
Lizon Tijus
Graphic designer
Matt Currington
Film direct or & photographer
Amy Wallace
design consultant
Jimmy Lloyd
Fabio Cerveira
Filming & editing
Fabricio D’Amico
film & photo editing


Following an architecture degree in Brazil, Flavia started working as an exhibition designer. For 7 years Flavia enhanced her knowledge in the field, being involved in the creative direction of a number of exhibitions of art, science, culture and history. Her current work focuses on the understanding and challenge of the visitor experience, and engagement and interaction with specific content, by creating experiences in urban and art installations.

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