101 Things to Do in an Empty Swimming Pool is an ongoing collaborative project experimenting with the possibilities of revitalisation of an abandoned pool, a remnant of the city’s socialist past, in the main park in Maribor, Slovenia.
Through several workshops, interventions and surveys more than 100 local people of all ages were invited to contribute their ideas for a new function for the pool.
A selection of the generated ideas has been published in a book (A creative guide to the future of the pool), which was given to the city mayor as a gift. Some suggestions are playful, some abstract and dreamy, and some very realistic, but they all reflect the visions, the needs and the desires of the citizens of Maribor.
The intention of the book and the project is to trigger a spark of inspiration and give the local city authorities an incentive to take appropriate action.

Matej Borin
Sachin Anshuman
Nika Fers
Peter Gorensek
Urban Mrdavsic
Shu Ting Yang
Helen Sirp
Jaka Banic
Petra Lopert
Maja Slamberger
Co-authors of 5th intervention
Lena Kline
Ivo Karo
Ursa Rebernak
Mojca Kramberger
General help


Alenka was born in the 20th century in a country that does not exist anymore.
She was dreaming of performing in a circus but has ended up studying graphic design instead. Her favourite film is Suspiria and her favourite book is, well, she cannot decide. She works as a designer and a tour guide for children, and has just participated in the performance Banke Rote Dance by Dragan Zivadinov.

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