A Dangerous Figure is a Facebook app, an installation at Somerset House, a Graphic Novel, and set of urban interventions. Young unemployed people living in the UK enter their details into an online form and upload an image of their face. These faces and vital statistics are merged to form the archetypal unemployed young person, and will result in a sculptural installation in Somerset House.

Currently there are over a million unemployed 16 – 24 year olds in the UK, the largest quantity in UK history, this project is a platform of expression for them. The journey begins much like a job application, but instead of facing the participant with rejection or silenc it becomes a tool for representation, and transforms into a powerful ambassador for the cause of youth unemployment.

Seung Youn Lee
The Bite Back Movement
Alex Schnell
Interior Architect
Isaac Liddle
Creative writer
Owen Lee
Graphics Consultant
Jack Greenhalgh
Computer Vision Engineer
Danijel Rusovan
Rachel Woodham


Alexander is a British artist intrigued by the mythologies of people; their stories, politics, and everyday rituals. With an academic background in anthropology, and practical training from New York, Alexander has used illustration, installation and participation in projects with the European Union, National Trust, O2, and various local councils. Alexander is co-founder and director of international creative studio The Bite Back Movement, currently preparing their solo-show at Somerset House.

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