30S’ SUNSHINE is a pop-up art installation in the main lift of Northwick Park Hospital (London) that aims to create a healing journey by turning the negative emotions of patients, family members and staff into positive ones.

Through engagement in creative workshops, patients are encouraged to transform their wishes into stories that will serve as inspiration for an invited artist to create a set of flower installments. These are then exhibited in the lift for interaction with family members and staff. Following this, the flowers are planted outside the hospital and give life to the patients’ wishes as they grow. Throughout this process, people are immersed in a state of wellbeing.

The ultimate aim is to create a sustainable environment, or “sunshine state” beyond 30 seconds, the average time spent in the lift, that anyone, whether patient, family member or staff, can experience.

North West London hospitals NHS Trust
Macmillan Cancer Support
Yoshitaka Iwamoto
Jia Chuan
Soma Sato
Film-maker & photographer
Ruirui Shen
Industrial designer
Duoyi Wang, Dong Chen, Rongyi Zhan
Help on intervention
Felipe Palacio


Qinnan studied Design Management at China Academy of Art, where she participated in multi-disciplinary projects and made business strategies for them. In the summer of 2011, she moved to the UK and began practicing on the intersection between making commercial events and participatory art. During this course she intended to implement narratives in market planning and explore how to build up branding values by adding visual story telling.

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