300 000+

A travelling performance that makes visible the number of people killed in the Mexican Drug War and re-humanise the nameless dead. This act of peaceful protest engages with Mexican society, but also invites an international public to empathise with the victims. During the performance these victims are embodied by embroidered textiles, made by the Bordando por la Paz Puebla collective, each of which tells the story, or quotes the name, of a person who has been killed.

300 000+ made its first appearance at the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park and aims to be replicated in different cities around the world before arriving in Mexico City’s Zocalo for a final display.

The project’s impact is increased by accumulating participants from demonstration to demonstration, with an overall ambition of returning dignity to the victims and acting as clear evidence of Mexico’s broken social fabric.

Bordando por la Paz Puebla Collective
Hand crafting of embroidered textiles
Rosa Bórras
Contact with the Collective
Luis Lasser
Graphic Design
Felipe Palacio
Web Development
Margherita Poggiali
Event Assistant
Flavia D’Amico & Aaron Souppouris
Event Photographers
Lizon Tijus
Danielle Kummer
Film editor


From the moment Leticia built her first dollhouse from scratch, she never stopped experimenting with space. While studying her BArch at UDLAP, Mexico, Leticia had the opportunity to live in Italy, where she became very aware of how the dialogue between people and places metamorphosise within different cultures. Through her practice, Leticia aims to design unforgettable experiences and spaces that break boundaries and create connections between architecture, art and culture.

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